Bike Rental


How to rent


Please select a bike and make a reservation by clicking the button above. Once you receive confirmation of the reservation via email, please save it until the day of your rental.


Please confirm our business hours and address. We recommend you wear appropriately comfortable clothes. You will also need to bring your passport or suitable identification.


Bikes can be used until 18:30. Please return carefully, allowing time for a relaxing ride right until the end. Once you arrive at our shop, simply return the keys and you're done!

Rental Fee
Shop info &Open Hours

$150 (same day return)

$100 (2nd day onwards)

$500 (deposit )

We accept CASH only

Address : G/F 119 Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui, KLN 

Tel : +852 2371- 6555

Open Hours : Mon - Fri 12-7pm    Sat  12 - 8pm    Close Sun